Historical Events And Various Religious Beliefs On English Literature

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The influence of historical events and various religious beliefs on English literature can be seen in almost every genre. Over time, events such as the Protestant Reformation, the Puritan Revolution , and the Enlightenment have affected works of English literature such as Grace Abounding and Robinson Crusoe. The effects of these events can also be seen in American historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, which was written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson. At the time it was written, both England and colonial America were largely Protestant nations. However, due to the English crown using their power to control the American colonies ' trade, law creation, and judicial system , the Declaration outlined numerous reasons for the separation of the American colonies from England 's rule. Due to the fact that the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were periods of great change, many historical and cultural influences appear within the Declaration of Independence upon analysis of the document. The author, Thomas Jefferson, was a Deist living in a largely Protestant country, causing him to draw from both Protestant and Deist thought processes to establish some of the basic ideas within the document. Additionally, he was familiar with the works of Enlightenment philosophers of the time, whose ideologies supported many of the arguments that were trying to be made within the Declaration. As a result, when analyzed, it becomes obvious that there is no one…

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