Essay about Heart Or Mind?

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Heart or Mind?
Either kill someone you do not know or do nothing and get no money. You stand in your kitchen eyeing the item across the room. There on the table sits a small box with a shiny red button on the top. You continue to stare. Either push the button and receive a million dollars and kill someone or do not push it and nothing will change. The logical choice would be to not to push the button, nothing would change and no one would be hurt. On the other hand, what if you needed the money? Then the emotional response would be to push the button.
Every day we have to make many decisions. Such as, jobs, education, religion, and even something as simple as what we will eat for breakfast that day. Hopefully none of us will ever have to make a decision as extreme as the one above from the 2009 movie The Box. But the decisions we make and the decision presented above have one thing in common; either follow your heart or follow your mind. In other words, logic vs emotion. How does this concept help or hurt us? During the decision making process the right and left brain work together find the best solution for the situation we are in at the present moment. The left side of the brain “is responsible for rational thought processing, logical sequencing, and analytical considerations” (Sarah Lipoff). Those who are left brain dominant are usually very rational when it comes to making decisions and are less likely to be emotionally driven. Some people find that being more…

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