Healthcare Reform Implementation For The State Essay

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Healthcare Reform Implementation
Throughout the assigned context of this paper, I will be discussing the overall status of the newly enacted healthcare reform implementation for the state in which I reside, Ohio. Topics I will cover in this report will include; if the new healthcare laws have been effective in terms of benefitting the community, the positive and negative outcomes taken in as a whole, how new healthcare laws are impacting community health in Ohio at large, and the lasting effect of the numerous healthcare reformations on the economics of healthcare that is offered through Ohio.
Healthcare Reform Overview
In 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into federal law. The premises of the ACA, is that all individuals, regardless of health status and income, should have accessibility to health insurance (Oberlander, 2012). Private healthcare plans are to be available to the general public for purchase through a government mandated website.
Healthcare Reform in Ohio
Individuals living in Ohio have the choice of signing up for health care they can afford. There are many insurance coverage options available to citizens at competitive prices compared to employer-offered. In 2015, 234,341 Ohioans were re-enrolled in reasonable health care insurance through the Marketplace ("5 Years later: How the affordable care act is working for Ohio," n.d.). There are many incentives offered for individuals in Ohio, including; the majority of…

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