Essay about Harvest On The Campagna By John Gatsby Chapman

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Harvest on the Campagna

The piece I chose to write about is Harvest on the Campagna by John Gatsby Chapman. This piece is displayed in the Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University. The museum had a wide range of artwork both professional and local, although, this particular one caught my eye at the door as it was displayed in the front lobby near the entrance. This piece is approximately 8 x 3 ½ and was surrounded by a large golden frame that was surely a show stopper but, that’s not exactly what drew me to the painting initially. After passing the piece a few times, my attention immediately focused on the woman’s head garment. It was a large hat with various plants and flowers flowing downwards to where it appears that the woman is being showered with them. Another aspect that caught my eye was her highly pigmented shirt. Compared to the other color hues in the painting, the color stood out the most which led me to believe that it was a large focal point to the overall painting. The whole figure of the woman harvesting fruit led me to believe she was simply collecting food for her family. The image of harvesting fruits and vegetables brought me to a personal memory of my grandmother. It reminded me sitting in the backyard with her, harvesting all sorts of produce for the house. We hardly even bought produce from the store because we had just about every kind there is. She still gardens to this day. Gazing upon this piece brought a smile to my face.
This art piece is…

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