Happiness And Go Along Your Merry Way Essay

2019 Words Apr 13th, 2016 9 Pages
When you hear term "happiness", you think of happy thoughts or events in the past you have been through that has caused the feeling of happiness to occur. Although it is just a feeling, a mere sensation you feel throughout your body, it has the amount of force and meaning to push anybody beyond their limits. The definition of happiness can be explained by a mental state or emotion you feel after pleasant thoughts and/or memories intervene from contentment to joy. Sure, you can live on with this perspective on happiness and go along your merry way, but what if there was more than just a mental issue. You can acquire happiness through numerous ways, more ways than I can even think of; however, there is one process that has many perspectives and sides interfering with its true purpose and that process goes by the name of a desire. Desires do have a pitiful background, usually around the sexual and "kinky" location, but there is more to the process than just some urban rumor. According to the definition of happiness and infusing it into my beliefs and words, I believe happiness is the result or end product when fulfilling one 's desire, whether it has to do with charity and feeding the poor or being tied up with a rope and gently whipped for amusement. When I use the term "desire", I am referring to three important parts that make up this process: a goal or milestone that must be set along with a plan in order how to get accomplish it, the required actions marked by the plan…

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