Great Nations Partner Up And Form Formidable Alliances Essay

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Essay #1: Often in history, great nations partner up and form formidable alliances. Even in the twentieth century, with the two World Wars, world powers were joining up and taking on each other. Together with their partners, these nations sought victory they did not think was possible on their own. Likewise, in the case of the United States, one of its earliest and most needed allies was France. France was long known for its rivalry with Britain, and sharing the same enemy, it would make sense that the American rebels and the French would partner up to take on the British. The French proved to be valuable allies, providing the colonists with many of their necessities for the war. It is very likely that without the aid of France, the American rebels would not have won their independence. France had a history that contributed to it wanting to aid the Americans. Among them was obviously the longtime rivalry with Britain. Especially following the French and Indian Wars, France was looking for a way to get back at Britain for defeating it. However, it was too weak to do so. However, if the colonies were actually devoted to fighting the British, the French could have supported to colonies, though not openly, in case the colonists lost, in which case France alone would have to take on Britain. However, if the colonists could have proved themselves as a viable fighting power, the colonists would not have hesitated in helping the colonists. For the French, the opportunity to…

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