Graduation Speech : School Shootings, And How My Own Mind Works

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The books and articles I read this summer taught me to take common topics and change the way I look at them. They covered a wide variety of subjects such as adult life, capital punishment, school shootings, and how my own mind works. They all received critical acclaim and it is obvious why. All the authors cause their readers to question the way they have been looking and going about things. David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech to Kenyon College graduates has received praise because of his ability to break the set pattern of commencement speeches. All are filled with “helpful” advice that are meant to inspire kids to go the distance. To follow their dreams. To not stop in the face of adversity. Wallace speech doesn’t do that. He realizes that the kids have already heard this one too many times, so he talks about something different. He tells them about a mental problem that appears as you go about your adult life. You start to become self-centered. You wonder why you have to sit through traffic and why you have to wait in line. Everything becomes about you. And trying to navigate this is much more difficult than you would think. You have to completely rewire your brain to realize, its not all about you. There are probably people who are in a bigger rush than you because their mother is in the hospital or the traffic is going to make them late to their dream job interview. Along with this rise of narcissism, he explains how dull life can be. Day in day out, it 's…

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