Grades And Self Esteem, By Randy Moore Essay

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If more is expected from students, they will learn more. Even though teachers are doing this with the best intentions, grade inflation is only depriving students off their right to proper education. Rather than just handing good grades to students, we should inspire them to work hard for it. All that futile self-esteem without any knowledge isn’t going to help anybody and its about time today’s teachers and students should accept it. Even though a little confidence is required to excel, it should be a product of your knowledge and skills.
In his editorial “Grades and Self-Esteem” that appeared in the journal “The American Biology Teacher”, Randy Moore addresses the problem of “today’s under-prepared students”, who can’t do anything, don’t want to know, can’t write well and can’t think critically but who is to blame for that?. The prime reason for this failure is because schools nowadays aim towards producing confident students rather than educated students. The new rule is for everyone to feel good about themselves. Students feel bad about themselves for getting bad grades and teachers feel bad for judging students based on their performance so we don’t care about grades anymore everyone is right and happy. Teachers are lowering their expectation than ever, so every students meets it. If that’s too hard, you can always drop out of it. Self-esteem started as a prerequisite to learning and is now everything there is to learn. This pursuit of confident students over educated…

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