Grade Inflation Gone Wild By Stuart Rojstaczer Essay

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College students are no longer working hard to get a good grade in class because they have become accustomed to getting higher grades than they deserve. Grade inflation is the main cause of this way of thinking. Unsurprisingly, grade inflation in schools has become a subject that some have chosen to argue. An article entitled, “Grade Inflation Gone Wild,” by Stuart Rojstaczer, a former professor of geophysics at Duke University who has a PhD in Applied Earth Science, publisher of a book entitled Gone for Good: Tales for University Life After the Golden Age, and another article entitled, “Doesn’t Anybody Get a C Anymore?” by Phil Primack, an analyst, editor a journalist who teaches Journalism at M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, both suggests that grade inflation is problematic for college students today. On the contrary, there are some who believe that grade inflation is due in part to students being smarter nowadays than they were in the past. Ultimately, I argue that although grade inflation should be viewed undesirably because it makes the incentive for studying more, less desirable, and makes it harder to determine whether students are superior or average. In the article, “Grade Inflation Gone Wild,” by Stuart Rojstaczer, which appeared in the Christian Science Monitor on March 24, 2009. Rojstaczer writes that grades have increased over the past thirty years in the US and that college students are getting higher grades than they really deserve.…

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