Good Teaching Is an Art as Well as a Science Essay

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“Good teaching is a skillful blend of artistic and scientific elements. Teaching as an art involves beliefs, emotions, values and flexibility, while teaching as a science utilizes instructional practices that are proven by research to improve student achievement” (Snowman and Biehler, 2006). According to (Peters, R.) teaching can involve formal methods of instruction as well as informal ways of organizing things so that children will be led to discover things for themselves. According to (Manning, H. 2003, p. 11) “A teacher is the one to impart knowledge to students in different ways to assist learning.” Teaching factors are considered if something must be accomplished. It is practically stating that teaching is what is being taught, who …show more content…
Instilling or helping students develop values helps shape their lives as to the type of person they become. However the ascertaining of good values is not only dependent on good teaching or the teacher herself/himself, because the children too have a major role to play in this skit of life. Children have to be able to display their values to others and try to rub them off onto others as well.
Emotions are stored in memory along with recorded information entering the individual’s senses at the time. A teacher; being a human being like everyone else, also experiences emotions and can have good days as well as bad days. However, the important thing is that teachers must learn how to turn/temper down or push aside their emotions and concentrate on their task at hand; teaching. It is never good if a teacher enters the class with all their anger or maybe sadness on their mind because they might say or do something that can affect both themselves as well as the students. Emotions trigger the ability of the teacher to think rationally. Good teaching is being able to deal with the emotions from previous experiences. Teachers must remember that most, if not all, children place their trust in teachers, especially those who feel they cannot develop it at home, with their parents, and they depend on their teacher to be their counselors; their psychologists; their friend. It is important that they are

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