George Clinton And The Presidential Election Essay

1025 Words Apr 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Condemned: Race to 2016 Attempts to defeat their opponents have caused some of the presidential candidates to put their own foot in their mouths. As the 2016 presidential election draws closer, we are down to the final five candidates: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Though these are the persons elected by their political parties to represent them, they have not been displaying the qualities of the ideal president. They have been disrespectful, dishonest, inconsistent, immature, lethargic and un-American. Since each of them have displayed one or several of these characteristics in one way or another, they raise the question of the fate of America. The simplest reply to the question is we are condemned no matter who we choose to be commander in chief. Hillary Clinton has displayed constant dishonesty and inconsistency concerning her views on serious controversial issues such as same sex marriage, immigrants, NAFTA, Benghazi and Obamacare. According to collective interviews between the years of 2002 and 2010, Clinton firmly opposed the recognition of same sex marriage. ( However, in a Human Rights Campaign in 2013, Clinton’s stance changed and she announced her full support of same sex marriage. Likewise, in a radio interview on the John Gambling Radio Show, Clinton expressed her disapproval of immigrants being in and employed in America and discouraged employers from providing them with work. Nevertheless, at Town…

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