Gender Roles : The New, Liberated Woman Essay

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In western culture, there is an emphasis on acting a certain way to correspond with a person’s gender. We commonly use gender specific phrases that are demeaning such as ‘man up’ or ‘you throw like a girl’. These are not only toxic to the genders they are describing, but also perpetuate false expectations about how everyone should behave in order to be accepted by society. In particular, ‘strong woman’ and ‘strong female character’ have undertones of the patriarchal division of gender roles. The idea of this empowering woman is not a new concept and can be seen as early as the late 1960s.
“…the new, liberated woman can today be found on every college campus and in every sizeable American city… the politically alert, fiercely autonomous, and sometimes man-hating suffragette who won the vote for women at the end of WWI by militant hunger strikes and street demonstrations. She is well-educated, privileged, almost always young-seldom over 25 and idealistic, intense but soft spoken. And she is furious. Men can’t believe her even when they see her. In their book, she’s an impossibility: a beautiful or potentially beautiful woman who is deliberately throwing away the advantages of her sex… They want to remake the world men have created, from top to bottom.”
This is the definition of the stereotype in that all the women seem to be nearly copies of one another and even after trying to be liberated, they still manage to get stuck in a small box from which there is no hope of escape.…

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