Essay on Frederick Douglass 's Influence On Slavery

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Frederick Douglass otherwise known as Bailey was born a slave in 1817. Brought in the world of slavery at only a young age of eight years of age, he learned to read and write from his mistress which was illegal. His giftedness lead him to speak at on anti-slavery in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1841. His articulate speaking lead him to be employed by an agent of Massachusetts for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. Douglass became one of the most notable abolitionists in the United States in 1841, Douglass was requested to speak in Rochester for Independence Day in 1852. His speech was to display the idea of antislavery to critics by speaking with his fellow abolitionists to spread the message of American hypocrisy with aspects from a slave using the Declaration of Independence. Douglass’s message was meant to make an impact on the Anti-Slavery Society to abolish slavery or present the idea of the effect slavery has on Douglass in his eyes. Douglass intention from his speech was to emit a stern wake-up call to the Anti-Slavery Society by using rhetorical, argumentative, and authoritative approaches.
First Douglass related the idea of people’s individual rights and liberties, as he rationalizes and argues, explaining that the Declaration of Independence holds the criteria with the basis and foundation of our freedom and our individual authority of due process. He makes an observation at the difference of him and the people of the Anti-Slavery Society and the struggle of…

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