Essay about Foreshadowing And The Fate Of The Family

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All the way through this short story there is a very evident theme of death and a notable presence of foreshadowing in regards to the fate of the family. Reading through the story the first time the forewarning is not as evident, however, upon the second read through there are items that stand out that can alert the reader to the impending doom of the family. The first theme that struck me was the color within the story, from the very beginning O’Connor puts great emphasis on colors. Green, orange, blue, gray, silver, white, and of course red. As the story progresses, there is less and less color, and all you are left with is red. I noticed the word red repeated several times within the story. Thankfully, I was using my kindle, and highlighted the word and found that in this story the word red appears 41 times. The part I didn’t catch was the red within other words, which my kindle so happily noticed. For example, chattered, remembered, answered, disappeared, appeared, muttered, predicament, covered, cleared, murmured, stared, flowered, entered, and on and on. Red is considered a bold color in symbolism, it often signals danger, anger, blood, passion, in other words the extremes. The red isn’t as apparent when you start out because there are so many other colors mixed in, but as we progress and the other colors fade you are left with a dull tone other than the red. At the point in which the story reaches the Misfit interacting with the family, there is sparsely a color…

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