Fire On His Mind By Pamela Carter Joern Essay

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Fire on His Mind
Is it possible that being too protective over your child may cause an outcome that is disappointing rather than one that makes a person proud? In some situations, letting a child learn on their own can be better than always being told what to do. In Fire on His Mind, by Pamela Carter Joern, the theme of how our young ones affect us is fully explored through the use of plot, character and setting. Through the use of plot, the narrator gives us an early picture of who the boss is. In this short story, the boss is the dad Tom. Tom is very controlling and we find that out early in the story. “When you hear this whistle, I want you to see fire. I want you to smell fire.”(40) While reading the story, we know that there was a incident with a fire. However it was made clear that it was not at Tom’s family’s house. Tom’s wife does not say much, she just goes along with what is going on. When she feels Tom takes things too far, then she speaks up. Another piece of evidence that states how plot goes well with the theme for Fire on His Mind is, “Stay away from that new kid at school.”(43) This supports the theme because when Tom’s wife questions his actions, Toms lays down the law and says, “no this is how it is going to be.” Well, atleast he thinks that is how things are going to be. Tom does want what is best for his two boys, but there is a difference between looking out for them, and telling them how to live their life. “All I heard was Trent in trouble, and I…

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