Essay on Field Experience Reflection : Elementary School

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Field Experience Reflection

My Junior Achievement placement was at Penniman Elementary School in Cahokia, Illinois. Penniman is apart of the Cahokia Unit School District #187. Ms. Sommerfield taught her fifth grade class math, science, spelling, writing, and reading. The fifth graders also went to physical education and art class but with different educators certified in those subjects.
Field experience & General Observation questions Quality teaching and learning includes engaging interactions and environments, organized curriculum, assessment, and individual teaching and learning. In a classroom engaging interaction would include group talk, class discussions, popcorn, etc. The environment that the students are in should also be engaging, this would include the Smartboard or posters teachers are using to instruct. If there were not a set curriculum how would we know what to teach each grade level to prepare them for the next? Set curriculum is important to have and should also be a little challenging for your students. They should be learning, not bored. A set curriculum is different for each grade, state, and country; they all include the countries first language, math, science, and reading. Assessments should be given to make sure that your students understand what they are learning or to give you feed back if the subject needs to be taught differently for your students. Examples of assessments would be test, quizzes, review sessions and more. Individual…

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