Feminism And Family Therapy Co Exit Essay

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Judith Myers Avis (2005) wrote an article about if feminism and family therapy co-exit. My comprehension on what she wrote indicates that she feels that both can co-exit. I will discuss my findings about why I think that she feels that both can exist. She stated that many therapists were focused on feminist therapy when she was in university. She took courses that helped her develop her feminism style of counselling and provided her with an open mind. She states that over 35 years, counselling has evolved from "the position and power of the therapist to one that most often privileges the power and voice of the client." (Myers Avis, 2005, p.7). She states feminist therapy is growing as there is an increasing number of articles since the 1980s. She sounds like she has a passion for helping people. For instance, she states that she "had a life- long goal to learn how to work with couples and families" (Myers Avis, 2005,p.3). For instance, she mentions about a female client that took an extremely "long drive from northern Maine to Fredericton, New Brunswick every two weeks to" (Myers Avis, 2005,p.4) get therapy from her. Myers Avis she that her client was being very cautious because she want to discuss her husband 's reputation in her home community or risk getting further beatings as her information may leak out to her community (Myers Avis, 2005,p.4). I think that Myers Avis must be quite effective in using feminist therapy techniques as well since her client…

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