Fast Food : A Food Stand With Hot Dogs Essay

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Everyday there is millions of people getting addicted to junk food. There are people who do not have time to prepare their own meals or sometimes people that prefer to eat out on a single basic. Since fast food has spread all over the world the consumption has increased significantly. People 's lives are different in many aspects. There are people that take their diet very serious, dening to make fast food part of their life, while some accept the fact of fast food is cheap and convenient to take an advantage of not having to home cook. But people don 't know that the more they eat junk food the more they crave it. People persuasive what they want and what they see and the appearance, the convenience and taste of fast food can cause people to get addicted. Fast Food are foods that can be prepared and served quickly. Mcdonald 's was the first restaurant introduced by the Mcdonald family, but it was not always called Mcdonalds. Patrick Mcdonald opened ' 'The Airdrome ' ' a food stand with hot dog being the first item being sold. Hamburgers and orange came a long. As soon the business started to grown they opened a restaurant renaming ' 'Mcdonald 's ' 'Bar-B-Que ' ' increasing the menu to twenty item and mostly barbeque. During the 1948 they realized that the most of their profit came from selling hamburgers, they shut down their carhop drive in and established a new menu with just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potatoes, fries, coffee, soft drinks and apple pies. After a…

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