Family Nursing Diagnosis Essay

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Family Nursing Diagnoses
Cynthia Clayton
January 21, 2013
Sandra Winters

Family Nursing Diagnoses

A family, as defined and implemented in the health care system had traditionally been based on using the legal notions of relationships such as biological/genetics, blood ties, and contractual relationship such as adoption, guardianship, or marriage. Stanhope & Lancaster (2012).
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AJ has one child from the mother who is the teenage girl and the others are from different people, so you see there are already infidelity, stress, coping, intimacy, anger and depression in this family. Their neighborhood is average and busy there are restaurants on every block: McDonalds, Burger King, pizza, wings, red lobster, Chinese, Japanese and soul food, you name it they have it so DJ did not have time to cook. There are schools and parks around the area, an amusement park and zoo located nearby numerous activities that a kid can enjoy. The Jones’ are a healthy family the father just diagnosed with diabetes, mother hypertension. Now a little on the kids, the teenage son was found with drugs at school, teenage daughter gets caught climbing out the window at night, adult daughter anger at mother for not leaving the father and they are always arguing maybe it’s her hormones unbalanced and the two little ones are just being a kid and having fun not realizing that something is wrong.

Environmental data
The family lives in a single family stucco/brick home, 3 bedrooms, two baths in which they made their garage into another room for the young adult and her child, fire

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