Everything Now, Or Not Essay

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‘Everything Now’, or Not

In the essay “Everything Now” Signs of Life in the USA: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers, author Steve McKevitt blames our unhappiness on having everything we need and want given to us, now. While his writing is compelling, he changes his main point with his conclusion not quite matching with his introduction. He uses “want versus need” (145) as a main point, but doesn’t agree what needs or wants are, and uses a psychological theory that is criticized for being simplistic and incomplete. McKevitt use of humor later in the essay doesn’t fit with the subject of the article and comes across almost satirical. Ultimately, this essay is ineffective because the main point of the essay is inconsistent and poorly conveyed. McKevitt starts the essay explaining how we are now living in a time of instant 24/7 access to almost anything we want. Our needs are met and now our economy is focused on getting what we want as fast as possible. He then asks “…why aren’t we happier or, at the very least, worrying less and enjoying life more?” (144). He goes on to explain how companies are making us want more by constantly saying this new thing is better. “Intel was not only creating faster microprocessors, it was also creating the demand for them” (145). However, he then changes from saying this is making us unhappy, to saying that the real cost of focusing on our wants is we’ve changed our “process of innovation” (149). This change in direction, while not…

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