Evaluation Of A School Test Essay

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Assessment So, the last couple of weeks have been eye opening. Being in a classroom has allowed me fully understand what teaching is going to be like. This last week the students took a district test, this test was created by teachers throughout Albany County. My practicum teacher was not involved in making this quarters test, she was responsible for quarter twos test. During one of the math sections the class as a whole went through the test that they took. My practicum teacher stated she does not believe in giving a test without going over the results with the students. As a class we went over the test and it was obvious that my teacher was frustrated with the test. There were poorly written questions, that her students struggled with. After talking with my practicum teacher this test is what teachers are supposed to base the grade on the rubrics with. After asking her more, she said she doesn’t use the test. She tries to use a variety of different things to help create a grade on the rubric that shows the students overall performance in the class. It was really interesting because I attended another PLC meeting, this meeting they talked about the test. My teacher was the only fourth grade teacher that spent time going over the test with the students. I thought going over the test was so beneficial for students because they were able to see their mistakes and fix their mistakes. My teacher uses a lot of ticket in for assessing where students are. She has students…

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