Establishing A Chain Of Custody Essay

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Establishing a chain of custody when authenticating digital evidence to be used in the courtroom and everywhere in between is crucial to an investigation. The chain of custody refers to documentation that identifies any changes in the possession, custody, ownership or handling of a piece of digital evidence. It is required to have the ability to prove that a particular piece of evidence was at certain place at a distinct time, in this condition, handled by the that individual. The forensic chain of custody traces the route the evidence takes from the time it was collected until it is presented in court. The chain of custody is accounted for the seizure, storage, transfer, and condition of the evidence to ensure the evidence is admissible for court. As technology advances digital evidence has became easier to modify and compromise. If the chain of custody is broken, the forensic investigation can result in a fatally compromised case. A proper form of the chain of custody steps is extremely important to preserve the digital data’s integrity. To prove the chain of custody there are questions that need to be answered: who, what, when, where, how, and why related to the evidence. The proper chain of custody must include proper ways of handling the electronic device by seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition from electronic evidence.
The Abstract Digital Forensics model proposes a standardized digital forensic investigation process of nine components. Each…

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