Eric Monacelli : A Teaching Fellowship At The School Essay

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i. Eric Monacelli has an honest upbringing and has the personality typical of gamers. It can be easily seen why he excels in the public relations field with his easy going personality and is easy to talk to. He was born August 31st and has a wide variety of interests including: art, movies, music, video, literature, Iron Man, guitars, dogs, and most importantly baseball. On top of that Eric is a space fanatic and loves many aspects of space. He also has a wife and a son. In addition he has a love for videogames which led him to his successful career in the field.
II. Education
i. Eric has been to a few different universities in his educational background. He went to Fordham University for education, there was a experiential teaching fellowship at the school. Next he went to New York University where he got a Honors B.A. in English and American Literature. While attending NYU he made the dean list for all semesters, graduated cum laude, had a creative writing specialization plus a university honors scholar. After that Eric went to Columbia University in the City of New York. There he received a Pre-Medical Post- Bacc. He also became a published author in Primary Psychiatry.
III. Career
i. How does an English major get to the Public Relation world? The answer is connections. A huge part of the world mass communication is who you know moreover what you know. Connections will always be a part of the communications field. Similarly to other people in the public relations…

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