`` Emerald City `` : A Polarizing And Courageous Piece From Matthew Klingle

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Emerald City is a polarizing and courageous piece from Matthew Klingle. Matthew Klingle had explored the functions of nature in the development of Seattle as from the early days when settlement began to the present time. The book has made a combination of environmental history, human geography, urban history, among others, as he tries to attempt to reshape how nature looks like within the period of ecological disaster and social inequality. Matthew Klingle has explored many things that are instrumental in enabling the reader to venture into the city of Seattle, knowing its well regarding the past and the present aspects. He used his great skill and research knowledge to explore the city of Seattle, right from the past to the present, detailing the significance of everything that has taken place in between, and whatever is taking place now into the future. Seattle is the most northerly major city in the U.S where summer days are long and winter nights are dark and cold. The weather is often overcast and some periodic sun breaks. As the “Emerald City,” it is a city of elegance, space, and magic. In the book “Emerald City,” Matthew Klingle gives an argument that "nature and culture are inseparable, and sometimes the best of intentions to split the two have produced the worst sort of evils," resulting in steep environmental and social costs for Seattle (p. 280). Matthew Klingle brings to the audience the stories of unpredictable physical environment that are characterized by…

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