Elementary School Funding : All American Children Receiving The Same Opportunity?

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Elementary School funding in the U.S.:
Are All American Children Receiving the Same Opportunity?

As board member of a local elementary school parents and teachers’ organization I am always surprised to see and heard that the school has not received enough money this year for its activities and programs due to the shortage in the state and other local governments annual budget. We had never ended our meeting without looking for strategies to raise money for field trips, school gardens, playgrounds remodeling, and some other academic projects to help children learn efficiently and be more productive. Therefore, I see myself at stakeholder as parent. For this purpose, I decided to examine why there is not enough money for elementary school like ours? My purpose of doing this research goes beyond my own education about this matter. Even though I would like to comprehend and apprehend the matter, I also want to help my audience understand How elementary schools funding is structured in the U.S, and explore furthermore my topic to find out possible bottlenecks and solutions in the system. Before focusing on elementary school funding as whole and dive deeper into the question, first I did try to understand the United States’ (U.S.) Public School system in the past, aiming mainly on its sociological and educational aspect to learn about its functions and funding structure. My first reading piece was written by Rachel R. Ostrander, an associate at the Law Offices of…

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