Electronic Records Can Be Stored Electronically Through Computers, Hard Drivers

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In the past, patient important patient information has been stored with the excessive use of papers and manual labor, while being prone to various human errors and accidents, which can make stored information to become inaccessible. The ability to store information, or record electronically, has made a huge impact in the healthcare system. Records can be stored electronically through computers, hard drivers, email accounts etc. Electronic records are important for in hospital settings, are important for the storing of important patient information, which includes; patient name, age, past history, and transaction information, allowing for easy and quick reference to these information as needed. Electronic records have been beneficial in health care systems for they are easily stored, and can be accessible at any time as needed. It is also important because it can be used as a means of communication between patients and health care providers. Nonetheless, electronic records may also have certain disadvantages like the possibility of unauthorized persons reaching sensitive patient information, cost of implementation and permanent loss of information.

A record is a piece of stored document that provides proof of events and activities that have occurred. An electronic record is a piece of record that is stored electronically. As stated by Wittie & Winn (2012), According to NARA regulations, an electronic record is any information that is recorded in a form that…

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