Essay on Effects Of Mental Health Illness On Her Life

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Impact of mental health illness on her life
Kristina’s mental health problem has huge negative impact on relationships in her entire life. She is break up with her boyfriend’s due to her mental health issues. Kristina shares her illness with her co-worker at school; her co-workers become scared and the school sends her home shortly after. Kristina lost her job the school thinks that her mental health problem makes her unsafe around children. As results, Kristina experiences the worst psychosis of her life and she is physically and psychologically experienced a hard time in her life.
In addition, Kristina during her childhood and teenager she withdraws from normal behavior, she reduced ability to function, negligence of personal hygiene, and lack of passion, toneless voice, expressionless face, or withdrawal from family and friends. Kristina, she struggles and frustration of low self-esteem, worthlessness, failure, hyper vigilant and sensitive to not starting a new task even though, a task is simple. Moreover, she also suffers the senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste that occurs in the absence of an appropriate sensory stimulus but has all the characteristics of real perception. The other impact of her mental illness in Kristina’s life was isolation, neglect, and discrimination starting from her own family to the other people who came to her life.
Current status of presenting problem
Kristina has continued the sense of presence and hears voices. She mentioned…

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