Effects Of Marijuana On Recreational Cannabis Usage Essay

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The author wants us to compare the evidence that was presented since 1993 and give it an interpretation since 2013. This is the first reason because it gives us an idea how old the data was and he just wanted to see how much has the usage of cannabis has changed since it has been researched. The author collects research from over 20 years to test for adverse health effects on recreational cannabis usage. The author does this by running multiple test for epidemiological evidence that associates the useage of cannabis and health, reasoning that can explain how cannabis can cause and effect, and lastly the continuous research of cannabis based on perspective studies that have other variables, clinical and experimental evidence that still continue the support of cannabis usage.
They first realized in 1993 that risk of a fatal overdose of cannabis is extremely small, although this conclusion is controversial because high dose of THC are able to kill rodents. Besides overdose there are small side effects when smoking cannabis such as anxiety, dysphasia, and paranoia for mental issues. As for physical effects, it would be cognitive impairment with memory and ability to drive a motorized vehicle. THC produced dose-related impairments in reaction time, perceptual-motor coordination and attention. A studied showed that drivers were impaired, but they were aware and causing them to take less risk and drive safer. The overall summary of the result showed that an average of 2-3…

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