Essay on Effect Of Divorce On Children

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Mom and dad have just stomped away in different directions after another argument from a long series of daily confrontations. Young Maggie and Timothy hover under the stairway with great uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. They feel helpless and do not have complete understanding as to the causes of the parent’s constant clashes and wonder if they are the reasons. Whatever triggers these arguments, confrontations, and clashes between parents, the children should not be the pawns in the resulting outcome, which is divorce.
Divorce by definition focuses on the dissolution of marriage, division of property, and custody of any children. What are the effects of divorce on any children in a family regardless of age? Children may not know what to do in a divorce situation. Their feelings may encompass ideas of rejection that the parents may not care about them anymore. They may be confused about their loyalty to one parent over the other and thus experience internalized stress. This stress from divorce of their parents quite often creates psychological problems in children. Overall several effects of divorce on children is distancing away from parents, loyalty, and internalized stress.
A child might distance themselves from a relationship with one or both parents. They may feel like that they have been abandoned (Bernet 2015). In addition children, of divorce, may feel rejected because they believe the parents may not care about them anymore. This may be viewed as an exaggeration, but…

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