Essay about Education Is More Than Just Learning

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Education is more than just learning. There are a lot of other things that also come with it. Some people do not take education as serious as they should. Little do those people know your education kind of determines and sums up how the rest of your life after school will play out. My educational experience has been a bumpy road, which can be seen by grades throughout my educational history. Also my writing experience, and my views on my future educational plans. Education to me is very important, and I’m not only talking about my education I’m talking about education period. I see some people and notice that they don’t take education as serious as they should. Most people who don’t tend to take education serious, don’t realize that there are some people in the world that are not able to even receive a free education. So to some, education is not available, it is not a right but a privilege. The ones who don’t realize this then start to take advantage. I feel that I have received an overall pretty decent education out of my 14 years of being in school. The reason I say decent and not good, is because I came from a school district that was not as advanced as Belleville’s. I guess that my old school district taught all the students the best way they could , but we were all still behind all of the other schools. I could tell that Belleville was more advanced than my old school because the work was way harder. I knew that it had to be a reason that all of the other…

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