Education Assessment Primary School Teaching Essay

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Commerce Assessment-Primary School Teaching
The occupation that I have chosen is Primary School Teaching. This interests me as I have many siblings at home and I help out with their homework and assessments. I also enjoy watching younger children learn and strive to be their best. This also attracts me as their annual pay is above average and will help out with everyday expenses. I enjoy helping out with other children and having a large impact of being a source of their education. I enjoy education for myself and I would like to see my teaching give a larger impact among younger children. I can help out as I am an easily understandable person and will be giving all my hard effort within the education of the children.

There has been an improvement within the 20 years of primary school teaching. Education for teaching purposes were and are completely different from what they were now from what they were 20 years ago. The world will keep on changing, therefore this will create more jobs and opportunities. This will also increase the standards of a higher education, therefore and includes requirements like a bachelor 's degree, therefore you will have to get a band 5 or 6 within your HSC. 20 Years ago, requirements like these were less harsh but still payed fairly decently, Although there are less requirements back then, it was much easier to apply and work as a primary school teacher . This is also necessary as a bachelor of education is required for the application for…

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