Economic Systems Are The Backbone Of Any Successful Organization, And Nation Of Islam

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Economic systems are the backbone of any successful organization, and Nation of Islam is no exception. In order to be successful, the system not only needs to be viable for economic sustainability but needs to reflect the religion as a whole in order convince the population of its viability. Their economic system’s goals, especially as expressed in their newspaper The Final Call, reflects the values that the Nation of Islam desperately wants, as expressed in their scripture Message to the Blackman in America. These three values are trust in each other, respect to and from others, and independence/separation from the white race. If these three values are understood and realized by the black race, it will lead to successful empowerment, the ultimate goal of the economic system of the Nation of Islam and the religion as a whole.

Trust: “In business and life, trust is not everything, but without it you have nothing.”
The first value is trust in each other as black people. This is the first value to be discussed because trust is the “basis for economic development” in Nation of Islam. They recognize trust as the “glue” that is able to create lasting impacts, as shown by society. “Economic development takes place at its highest level in a society and community when the level of trust, the accuracy of information, and the honesty in conveying it is high.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad commented on this necessity in Message to the Blackman in America. He said, “…on matters of…

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