Dystopia And Utopi A Utopian Society Essay

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In order to find a utopia, a person must first discover a dystopia. When there is a perfect place, a perfectly opposite place most likely hides under the illusion of perfection. Perhaps, the very thought of an ideal place is a false thought, as a truly utopian society occurring is very miniscule to none. The difference between a dystopia and a utopia from the outside looks completely defined, as dystopias are utterly terrible places ruled by unrelenting dictators forcing slavery among the entire population, while utopias are perfect, ideal places fit for any man or woman. In actuality, this difference is blurred, as the truth behind utopias allows dystopias to exist. In the book 1984, the line between dystopia and utopia is blurred, as the reader can easily tell it is a dystopian society, the people in the book only see a perfect society. The terrorist group ISIS shares this quality, as to outsiders they are a menacing group of terrorists trying to take land and rule over people, while to them, they are rebels and the rebirth of Islam in the Middle East. A dystopia hides in the shadows of every utopia. As for ISIS and Oceania, they fail as utopias because of their dehumanization of people and a false sense of patriotism.

Most utopias will hide as illusions in a society, and to outsiders there may be slavery and poverty forced by their rulers, but on the inside, the people are extremely convinced that they live in a truly perfect place. In the case of Oceania, the people are…

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