Dualism Vs. Materialism : Aristotle 's Theory Of Mind And Body

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Dualism vs. Materialism The debate of mind and body was a serious subject to the philosophers of primitive times. There are several theories which have attempted to justify their perception in this regard. One of them is the theory of dualism by Descartes while the one totally negating is Churchland’s theory of Materialism. Churchland’s theory sounds much more believable and justified in the advanced era. Descartes theory of mind and body demonstrates that mind and body are two totally distinct things. The mind is meant to do all the thinking and ordering to the body whereas body is only a piece of mass which is meant to follow the orders of the mind. The mind is constant while the body is extendable. The mind can make the body execute whatever actions it thinks to be wise. Mind is thought to be the subject and center of every interest while body is thought to have a side role. The physical existence of body is explained to be inferior while the thinking abilities of man are believed to be superior and spiritual. Descartes illustrated that mind is not matter i.e. neither it occupies space nor it has mass. It was thought to have a link to spirituality. He demonstrates that mind is the reason behind man’s self-awareness, conscious and sub-conscious. This theory is known as the theory of dualism. Here, mind is referred as the set of features exhibited by the physical brain which is a part of body or matter.
The mind and body were thought to be as much opposite…

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