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Danielle Watts 24 February 2012
Teaching in a Specialist Subject * Summarise key aims of education and training within your own specialist area. * Review and discuss the key philosophical issues associated with these. * Summarise key qualifications in your specialist area, and their structure. Outline your approach to the planning and preparation of a course within your specialism and justify how this meets the aims. * Discuss how well your approach to planning and preparation addresses inclusion within the course, and justify your approaches in relation to key curriculum issues (including the role of new and emergent technologies). * Analyse the way learning and teaching resources, including new/emergent
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Therefore the number of formative assessments depends on the needs of the learners, a learner needing more development benefits from more formative assessments.
When planning and preparing for this unit I have to plan in such a way that the project selected has a tangible end goal which allows the learners to try new approaches to task I find that building in opportunities for success early in the project will develop self-confidence and encourage learner engagement. Such opportunities I include milestone for the completion of task or work-in-progression showings. Time is put aside at the end of each session for the learners to record their thoughts and use self-assessment / evaluation tools, I feel that the learners use a reflection that is best for them for some learners this is through group discussion which is recorded visually, though a witness statement by myself, a logbook or diary. As a tutor I always provide time for individual feedback and allow learners to verbalise their thoughts and identify goals. This enables the learners to become more self-aware and conscious of their strengths and the areas where they need to develop to meet the assessment criteria and help them identify their distance travelled.
…. Pask (1976) looks at the importance of developing versatile ways of learning and found that successful learners adapt

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