Drug Policies Of The European Union Essay

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Drug policies have become somewhat of a hot topic of discussion in Europe and the United States and many other countries all over the world. In many countries, there have been debates about the legalization and control of previously or currently illegal substances, and this could change the dynamic of drug consumption and trafficking in the future. In the European Union specifically, there is no unified drug policy that all of the member states must follow. The law is designed so that individual states decide the legislation for drugs. There are two members of the European Union, in particular that have completely different perspectives when it comes to drug policy. The first is Sweden, with its no tolerance policy for drugs of any kind, and the second is the Netherlands, which is focused on a harm reduction approach rather then the criminalization of users.
In the Netherlands it is legal for the possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana and the country is know for it’s relaxed approach to drug law enforcement. That being said they are still focused on the removal of hard substances from the country. Sweden on the other has a zero tolerance policy, hoping to decrease the use of drugs as well as the demand in the country. Sweden has been praised for it’s very low drug usage rate, which has been attributed to the strict policy. Even though both countries have a very different approach in drug policy, they are both concerned with negative impact of drugs on their people and want…

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