Dr. Manette 's A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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Individual characters often exist at the heart of a novel. The characters contain dynamic characteristics and occupy a central position in the novel. In A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens uses Doctor Manette as the core of his novel. Doctor Manette “is a worthy hero and a crucial piece in the puzzle”(Glancy 75). Dr. Manette is a central character in the novel because of his pain and suffering in prison, his being recalled to life, his acceptance of Charles Darnay, and his heroic actions towards the end of the novel.
A Tale of Two Cities evolved from Doctor Manette’s story. He has witnessed the aftermath of a rape and assault committed by two twin nobles, the Evrémondes, and is forbidden to speak of it; “…the things that you see here are things to be seen and not spoken of” (Dickens 325). When Manette tries to report these crimes he is locked up in the Bastille. The novel is then built up through Doctor Manette’s cruel and unjustified imprisonment and the events following his release from prison (Lindsay 103). He becomes the core of the novel through the series of these events.
Upon the opening of the novel Dr. Manette is a weak and horrific man. He is a man “recalled to life”from an eighteen-year imprisonment and has the appearance of an aged man having white hair and a ragged face; “he is a ghost, the empty shell of a man” (Glancy 69). He is confused, so confused he cannot recall any of his past or even remember his name. “The experience of oppressive misery has not…

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