Does Identity Theory Provide A Plausible Solution From The Mind Body Problem?

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Does Identity Theory provide a plausible solution to the mind-body problem?

The mind body problem asks many questions but the question that will be focused on in this essay is what is the relationship between the body and the mind, in other words the relationship between the physical and the non-physical. This question arose from Cartesian Dualism: the theory that the mind and the body must be separate because they consist of two totally different substances. Substances being “are those things which, according to that system, are the foundational or fundamental entities of reality” Descartes distinguished between the mind substance and the body substance by showing that the essence and properties of these two substances are fundamentally different and contradictory so they cannot be identical. Differences in the two substances in Descartes view is that the mind are characterised by consciousness and is indivisible and indestructible and the body is characterised by extension – having spatial dimensions and can be divisible and destructible This creates the question how can something that is physical have a causal effect on something that is non-physical? Define type and token.
The Identity theorist would say it cannot have any causal effect and instead would reject the notion that the mind is non-physical and would argue that “every experience is identical to a physical state” The identity theory put simply is that the mind and experiences are identical to certain brain…

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