Do You Know Where I Am? Essay

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Chris Innis
English 1102 Ms. Whittaker
Paper 1, Final Draft
The Color Black
Sherman Alexie’s short fictional story, “Do You Know Where I Am,” begins with a Native American narrator named David, and he tracks his relationship with his wife, Sharon, until her untimely death at the end. All was peachy with this couple until they happened to stumble upon a black cat that an elderly couple had lost some time ago. Sharon prodded David to rescue the cat, and when he did, she proceeded to dig through the dumpster to find the newspaper which housed this specific lost cat ad. Upon returning the cat to the couple, David immediately took credit for everything Sharon had just done which included: finding the cat, deciding to rescue it, and
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The color black can also be seen as the color of death. The cat’s black shade therefore, can be linked to Sharon’s death in many ways. As discussed earlier, Sharon, because of the ominous cat and her husband’s selfish actions, died with a skewed perception of who her husband really was. Sharon could not seem to overlook the blemish on David’s record, and it ultimately ended up haunting this innocent woman all the way until her passing. The color black can also be linked to Sharon’s death because it encouraged her husband to lie not once, but twice. At the end of the story, when Sharon is on her death bed, David tells her that he would do anything to turn back time. Sharon inquires if this is actually the truth, and David, as the narrator of the story, states that it almost was. Almost being the truth is evidence of lying. David lied about wanting to go back in time because inside he knew that going back in time meant encountering the lost black cat once again. This meant encountering the lost black cat that momentarily destroyed his relationship and permanently damaged his image as seen through his lover’s eyes. This cat’s symbolic black hue encouraged a man’s lying, destroyed his previously untainted image in his relationship, and added to the agony of his wife’s untimely death. Because of the many symbols attached to this initially overlooked character, and its representation as the challenges faced by this Native American couple, the lost black cat should be

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