Do Americans Take Their Freedom For Granted? Essay

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Do Americans take their freedom for granted? Some are even beginning to question if the American Revolution was revolutionary. It may be that Americans have become distant from their past since their freedom was won so very long ago. Where did this passion for freedom begin? It began with british citizens who immigrated to the New World either to colonize or to seek religious freedoms. (America). Even with many miles apart Britain still maintained control and power over these people. After years of enduring tyranny from a king that was not even a part of this peoples land, they begin to fight back. Britain had issued the tea act along with other various taxes. This was not fair to colonist because they did not have a say. They started fighting for their freedom when the Sons of Liberty dumped tea from a British trade ship overboard. Although, punished by Britain for doing so, the fight for freedom did not end there. These colonist had a vague sense that there was something better out there for them they just did not know what it was, yet. That is, until the Declaration of Independence was created and then signed by 56 brave men. It takes a tremendous amount of risk to demand freedom from a tyrannous king. So what would compel the Sons of Liberty, The Signers of The Declaration of Independence, and American citizens to take the risks that they did? Can you imagine being taxed for every printed good to essentially pay for an other countries debt? Brittain wanted money from…

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