Disaster Recovery Plan Term Paper

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Company Overview
Strategic Business Solutions is a Veteran-owned small business with less than fifty employees and the business goal is to continue specializing in Information Technology (IT), project management, and business development solutions. Our main projects involve Internet-based E-commerce solutions. The following diagram depicts our current network, which is PCI compliant and can handle high-traffic websites:

Risk Assessment
Critical business processes
Disruption of an information resource is not a disaster in itself, unless it is related to a critical business process, for example, an organization losing its revenue generating business process due to an information system failure.
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They may walk through the entire plan or just a portion. The paper walk-through test usually precedes the preparedness tests which are also known as simulations. Walk-through tests shall definitely be there in the DRP test plan since the reading or walking through the plan is done to make sure that all phases are managed competently under the unfortunate circumstances.
Simulations usually consist of a localized version of a full test, wherein actual resources are expended in the simulation of a system crash. This test is performed regularly on different aspects of the plan and can be a cost-effective way to gradually obtain evidence about how good the plan is. It also provides a means to improve the plan in increments.
Simulations shall also make an integral part of our DRP plan as they actually put the plan through its pieces and confirms that at least in theory the proposed disaster recovery plan can be put into practice without too much trouble.
Parallel testing
This is a way of testing the plan under which any previous business day’s all transactions are processed through the BCP system and it is checked to see if the results matched with the previous results.
Parallel testing will also be included in our BCP plan, since parallel testing is essentially an assurance testing method by which the organization can at least be certain about the effectiveness of the BCP or DRP plan, that they would work fine

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