Disability Awareness Essay

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Disability Awareness (L22347)

My name is Janet Long and I am going to write a case study on Disability Awareness. I have based this case study on one of my clients, Mary, who has a form of disability known as Lewy Body Dementia. In this case study. I will be focusing on the independence value of the social model of care. I will be examining the * The Social Model of Care * Supports that can be put in place * Strategies used by the client to maintain their independence * Recommendations
Mary’s dementia has restricted her quality of life and her independence and I will be looking at how we can optimise her independence and hence her quality of life. I have spoken to Mary family and ask them who was involved in Mary
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Gentle reminders to Mary to remind her where she is and to re assure her can give her a lot of comfort. This constant support is also good to help Mary interact with society and re assure Mary and the people she comes into contact with. It can be very stressful caring for Mary if she is having an off day and a large support network is needed to avoid the stress building up and becoming too great for any one person. This 24/7 support allows Mary to remain in her own home but her home also needed to be assessed to eliminate any risk that might cause her harm.

Mary can have days where she is disorientated and needs re assurance of where she is and from a friendly familiar face. By having a familiar companion on a regular basis such as her daughter and myself ,Mary can feel safe while still maintaining a certain level of independence. Just talking to Mary and recognising the different situations and when she is starting to lose her way to gently try to steer her back. Family members and people that come into contact with Mary were explained the impact of dementia and how to interact with Mary to avoid any uncomfortable situations. They were explained how to deal with Mary and how she would be likely to develop over time.
A schedule was developed to allow Mary the opportunity to remain in her home with the support of her family and the backing of the necessary care team.

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