Different Behaviors Exhibited By Leaders And Managers Essay

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This week’s discussion post outlines the different behaviors exhibited by leaders and managers. A definition of the two roles is provided along with examples of individuals who possess the characteristics of the two roles.
Management and Leadership Roles According to Marker (2010), a manager relies on position and power to get others to complete tasks. A leader utilizes communication and influence to empower a group of individuals to get the job done. The leader is a visionary who does not necessarily have a position that denotes power. It is the leader’s style and ability that can positively affect a group’s mentality, regarding goals and outcomes. The group wishes to achieve a goal versus feeling they “have to”. Leadership requires good communication and decision-making abilities. Additionally, a leader is a coach, visionary, advocate and energizer (Marquis & Huston, 2015). The manager obtains power through the position they hold. Managers typically emphasize control of situations and people to achieve outcomes. Managers tend to be focused on budgeting, staffing, planning, and the overall flow of events and processes (Laureate Education, 2012).
Healthcare is complex and continually changing. Effective leadership is critical to nursing. Nurse executives who possess effective leadership skills are required to assist nurses to achieve positive patient outcomes in a continually changing and complex healthcare environment (Anonson et al., 2014). The…

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