Diabetic Teaching Summary of Power Point Essays

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Diabetes Education
Community Teaching
Due: April 13, 2014

Diabetes Power Point at QCP
This diabetes power point was presented at an adult community center in Queens, New York called QCP. This power point highlights the importance of educating yourself on disease and more specifically diabetes. Unlike other diseases that can be managed using only medication, diabetes requires day to day knowledge of the disease including nutrition, exercise and different levels of medication. Type II diabetes can also come on later in life based on diet and exercise or lack thereof. Therefore this power point presentation was important to help people understand how to deal with diabetes and how to prevent diabetes. This teaching plan includes
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I wanted the audience to understand the direct correlation between obesity and the disease and as they told me these stories it showed me that they did understand. I also observed that this part of the presentation was one of the most important parts to them because they felt like this was something they could control. The epidemiological affects come from an attitude and not from a disease spreading in the direct sense of the word and after my presentation my audience understood that fact. My teaching experience did not just come from the power point presentation. I studied my audience to determine what the best topic for my presentation would be. Diabetes is a subject that affects all of us and I wanted my audience to understand this. The first time appearing before a group is a learning experience. I spent the time to get to know my group and how diabetes had affected each of them before I started my presentation. This helped them become more comfortable with me and myself to learn more about them so I could become a better teacher for them. My teaching experience grew more personal as my presentation evolved. I tend to have a very personal approach to teaching because it helps my audience remember my presentation. I found that the parts of my presentation that included personal antidotes from myself or my audience and I found that the audience related better to personal situations rather than cold numbers without anything to back them up. My audience

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