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Diabetic Teaching Plan for Ellen B.

Ellen, this teaching plan is being formulated for you as a guide to introduce you and your family to the Diabetes Mellitus disease process, complications associated with it, and the main tool for you to learn to keep yourself healthy and your diabetes under control. One of the most important things to remember is that diabetes can affect every body system, your heart, your kidneys, your eyes, and your blood vessels, not just your “blood sugar” level. Knowledge of this will help you learn how to manage your symptoms and promote your over-all health.
At the end of this plan, I will provide you with some valid websites and organizations that can give you additional information to expand your knowledge
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High blood sugar over a long period of time can cause damage to large and small blood vessels, therefore increasing the risk of long term complications from diabetes.
Keep a daily record of your diet and injections for your physician to review to include the amount of carbohydrates at each meal, blood sugar levels prior to meal, and the amount of insulin you inject. You can use your own calendar, a journal, or any of the online diaries.
Management with Insulin
Your doctor is managing your blood sugar with 2 types of insulin. * Lantus ® Insulin is administered subcutaneously under the skin one time daily is a long-acting insulin that works in your system for a full 24 hours. It must be administered at the same time every day. The dose you are on now while in the hospital may not be the exact dose you will be on when discharged. * Humalog ® Insulin is injected the same way but starts to work in your system quickly. It must be administered within fifteen minutes before eating or immediately after eating your meal. You will calculate your carbohydrate total and dose your insulin accordingly with the Humalog ® insulin. * Your insulin may come in a “pen” where you dial the correct dose needed. Either way, you will need to learn how to self-administer insulin. * Here are the basics of insulin administration, and your nurse prior to discharge will observe you self-administering. Always

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