Diabetes Is Not Just One Disease Essay

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The body has millions of functions it has to keep up with. Whether it be walking, digestion and even controlling the amount of sugar utilized in metabolic processes. This specific function has been causing issues in society more and more as each year passes by; this is called diabetes. Diabetes is not just one disease but a group of various types of disease that all have one thing in common; glucose control. The systems that utilize glucose cannot change the levels of its uses so it needs the right amount in order for the body to function at its best. This is why scientist and doctors worldwide are now prescribing insulin to those with diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas in the body to regulate the use of glucose from foods we eat. This allows the body to harness energy and store glucose for future usage. The insulin is there to keep your blood sugar levels in check; sometimes it can get too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia) which can cause your body to decrease in functionality (Hess-Fischl 2016). The glucose absorbed by the food is stored and also secreted by the pancreas. In the pancreas, there are beta-cells in the islets of the pancreas which are large core vesicles and that is the site of insulin secretion when the metabolic functions need it. The way the body asks the pancreas for insulin is by sending a glucose-induced electrical signal which in return secretes insulin (Barg et al., 2004). The insulin is released into the…

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