Essay on Designing A Target Market And Researching Schools

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The NFBD Marketing Internship allowed for a multitude of different tasks which can be broken down to marketing, management experience, customer service, social media management, sales, coaching, and facility management. Despite being a youth organization, the internship experience provided by NFBD was like working for several departments of a professional sports team due to the very similar tasks involved with branding, social media, providing customer service, event planning, etc. The marketing aspect of this internship consisted of researching, event planning, developing a marketing plan, and networking. Much of the research that was necessary during the internship involved defining a target market and researching schools to email. Defining a target market is critical when running an organization, not only to have a specific group to market to but also it gives more sense of direction rather than marketing something to everyone. Researching schools was done in a similar way by defining the demographics they wanted to reach and sticking to those strict guidelines to ensure their services were provided to those who needed it the most. The next step was developing a marketing plan to correlate with the defined target market. Once the demographics were established, NFBD was able to come up with a functional marketing plan for their services and Leadership Academy which was later improved by the staff at Sparq Designs, a marketing company based out of Cranberry, PA. Event…

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