Essay about Declaration of Parental Independence

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The Declaring of Parental Independence
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one Teenager to Emancipate from the restrictive and uncompromising Barriers of Parental Control that have so deprived the Partaking of a fulfilling liberal life and emerge into the world of Adulthood, that teenagers at will, will propel to embody through act of ruthless rebellion for We do not desire Limitations. We hold these truths to be self evident that all teenagers are mortal Creatures of this Earth, and that we all have the right to engage in social gatherings with our social counterparts in its entirety and choose to associate with whom ever members as we posses the right to do so. We as teenagers shall navigate our own
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Indeed there have been previous attempts for reconciliation amongst these ongoing Dilemmas between the Young and Old Party. The Older Party, through their uncanny habits, relentlessly set forth Witless Ideas and Poor Excuses for they fear the lost of authority and refuse to Listen for they do not realize the Younger Party's maturity and level-headedness for they do not take the following into consideration:

We as the Younger Party have been Competent and Conscientious given in the circumstances that tests our Psyche and Sensibleness and have made an effort to pursue many times the following Remedies within the past decade:

Solution One: Reasoning: The Younger Party has attempted to discuss and carefully illuminate the needs, inclinations, priorities, wants and all concerns.
These discussions have transformed into disputes, as the Older Party wish to disregard At some point the Teen would become intolerant and annoyed by the ruling of the Older Party and eventually flee away in the world on our own Without Hesitation and that day is Today. We therefore, solemnly declare and publish with Great Triumph that we Teens ought to be Liberated and Independent people. We will no long be Absolved by the Older Party and that all Connections of Absolute Power shall be thoroughly

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