Essay on Declaration Of Independence From The British Government

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Mankind cherishes freedom and independence despite the price he has to pay to obtain them; even if the price involves dissolving an established union. Acknowledging liberty is mandatory for a nation to utilize all its resources the way it desires, is living with no will and power over one’s existence bearable? This is the same issue that led to the American Revolution, with Patriots (40% of the population) seeking liberty and Loyalists (20%) choosing loyalty to the British crown. Accordingly, Patriots believed that every man is entitled to several unalienable natural rights which England seemed to oppress, while Loyalists claimed that their association with the British has benefited them greatly, that they think it is logical to stick with a governance they were accustomed to. In my opinion, declaring independence from the British government was unavoidable and necessary, a point Richard Lee made when stating “It is not choice then, but necessity that calls for independence as the only means by which foreign Alliances can be obtained…” (Richard Lee, 1776). It was inevitably necessary because (1) taxation without representation hindered the colonists from getting involved in government, (2) they were dissatisfied with the king’s incompetency to fulfill the desire of the ruled, and (3) Patriots were too infected with the idea of liberty and self-governance that they were not ready to settle for nothing else but separation. These three factors are clearly stated and implied in…

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