Essay on Dealing With A Dictator By Scott Anderson

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Dealing With a Dictator, Scott Anderson, February 12, 2016.
In the Documentary “Dealing with a Dictator” directed by Scott Anderson the film conveys the issues faced by the Canadian Company Nevsun while creating a mine in Eritrea. The Canadian company was reached to be the one to build a mine in Eritrea because of the large potential of money that could be able to earn through the creation of a mine. After some years of thinking the company decided it would start to work on the mine and make this another project of the company. However it was not so simply for the company because a lot of controversy began to come up when workers were speaking up on the horrible environment that they were being kept. Most where working for long days without breaks and being kept in conditions that were not acceptable. Another reason for controversy was the fact that the Eritrea was a part of the project with 40% of the say. Eritrea government was the one to provide the workers for the project and while it was never confirmed there was many speculations that the workers were being forced to work and had no choice. It was said that the government would threaten to kill them if they decided to not take the job. Anderson’s argument is that Nevsun is being a part of some un-ethical behavior by dismissing the problems that are going on in Eritrea. Some of the issues have gone as far as questioning the revenue being made by the mine. Stating they might be used by the government to fund terrorism.…

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